Closet Moment

-Wed April 16th 2014 

A Rare Closet Moment 

The Beast! 

Acne Skin 5 Denim = Life 

Conquering ones closet is just that, conquering ones closet.  I have a lot less clothes than people think I would, (accusations), but I like it that way. There will be the pieces I never ever in life will sell or get rid of I.E. vintage YSL tuxedo jacket,  & camel wide leg silk trousers, or the black Fendi mini velvet bag I love so much, but its important to make the boundaries clear on what you like for 10seconds, and what you will wear for a lifetime.  Right now, and hopefully for the rest of my life, I’m in a minimal color, denim and leather, white tee stage. It’s funny because when you look at the inside images of my clothing racks here, all you see is color, but in reality I only break that stuff out for fashion month, and live in Acne the rest of the time.  So how does one take the jump and really get rid of what they don’t need or wear?

1.Try everything on in front of a panel of friends. Majority rules, then its gone!

The Brights 

2.Make an inspiration mood board of style Icons you admire and want to emulate.

3. You have to let it go! SELL SELL SELL, promise, you will not miss it!

4. Replace! Once you have sold the old, in with a few new items that are simple and basic!