Being Jin

-Weds April 16th 2014 

My Sprit Animal = Asian Manicurist, or even Jin Soon Herself; You take it from here.

My Work !!! 

Stalking Jins Insta 

In the past weeks I've become progressively ambitious with DIY stuff, for example, DIY picture frames, DIY cool fashion tees, and most recently DIY Jin Soon SS14 nails. On the recent The Wild Magazine spring nail shoot I produced, Jins team was on nails, duh, because nobody else in fashion is in nails, like Jin is in nails. She seriously should call it JUST JIN, she Queen B's the nail industry. Anyways... as I managed everyones happiness on set, as any editor of anything has to do, half whatever you're actual job is, half United Nations negotiator, in this case it was managing the makeup artist and hair stylist not poking each others eyes out over a timing battle with the model, to common, I tried to sneak spy and look at what the artist was doing on the models paws. Thought 1: This is wayyyyyy easier than i thought, i mean her hand was so much steadier than mine will EVER be,  I have a hand tremor like my 95 year old Nana, but still not rocket science. Lucky for me the PR agent left me the whole collection, here what i made of it! xxx