Everyone Has 1 Golden Birthday

March 22,1992; My Golden Birthday 

This year I had my golden birthday. It should have been called my porcelain birthday as I spent the whole evening taking copious tequila shots with my uncle and his friends in what by day is Modellounge under Coffee Shop in Union Square.  The whole underground lair was rented out for his party, that happens to be the day before mine, so naturally when the drunken bar members found this out, it turned into OUR birthday at midnight. Tequila, my boyfriend, and all of our best friends, turned into too much tequila, angry best friends, and a lot of puking before my morning photo shoot.

As I lay in my bed to sick to move, I thought to myself; Kate Moss had to have had 1000 hungover mornings, I have to supermodel the fuck out of this and get up now, and that’s just what I did. I knew that when I invested $85.00 on the Kate book that it would come in handy as life long inspiration for my strung out mornings, giving me my guiding light of hope in the form or perky breasts, and feline eyes. I have only Kate to thank for showing up on set that morning, as a beacon of hope for all the models that, “went to hard” the night before. All jokes aside, ( “jokes”), I had the most perfect birthday doing what I love. Creating art with an amazing team of people who are inspired and kind, here is the product of my golden birthday!

Credits: Styling;Von Ford, Photography; Drew Malo, Hair; Nigella Miller,Makeup; Tiffany Patton