Cast Iron Cooking Gets Girls Boyfriends

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Fancy Toast 

2 Eggs, 1 Cup of Spinich, 3 Cherrie Tomatos, 2 Slices of Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, 2 Slices of Rye Bead, pinch of spicy salt, pinch of pepper! ... YUM

My mother is a huge fan of cast iron cooking, and over the years has collected quite a few beautiful pans that are so special to our family. When I first moved to my old studio in Chelsea, and started dating my current serious boyfriend, I remember cooking for him in one of my moms tiny cast iron pans that she had gifted to me in the move. We did not know each other very well at that point, and I remember him saying, "thats a nice egg pan you got there, cast iron, fancy pan, I like that." It was weird. As our relationship unfolded, he told me stories of his mom only cooking in cast iron as well, and him being secretly impressed that i had know about the magic cooking tool. So todays Air is fancy toast cast iron style, and the happiness of home. 

On Another Note: ME for Teen Vogue rocking my natural hair high pony! 

Fashion has not always accepted the natural hair thing. NOW however, with babes such as Kilo Kish and Julia Sarr always rocking their natural looks, the afro is in, and I'm loving it! Heres me for a Teen Vogue hair special shot by Melodie Jeng ! Thanks All xxx C

Claire Leana Millar for Teen Vogue





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