-Weds July 16th, 2014

To Tell or Not to Tell, That is the Question. 

The Red Spot

I live in the West Village or Chelsea, I honestly have no idea what it truly is, as it’s NYC and everybody has opinions about neighborhoods. I have admitted on multiple occasions that I have a shopping problem, so when I have 0 extra money to spend on clothes that I don’t need, I go and visit them, touch them, try them, smell them, you get the point. So today on my psychopathic shopping ritual, (Kerrin is sick too, its not just me, I was not alone,) we spotted a woman approaching us in the most beautiful long linen white maxi dress, and Bottaga tote. We gave her the mutual fashion girls “yes, thank you for understanding style,” look and kept it moving. As I looked back, I spotted a spot, a red spot, a period spot ladies, on the dress, so now came the issue, to tell or not to tell. First thought it get a galmponnnn gurrrllll, (for those of you who are not familiar with Glampons, they are a luxury line of gold and diamond tampons my gay husbands and I will be producing, stay tuned. Jk, or am I?) second is ew.  Kerrin and I debated in the street for about 2 minutes, decided the best way to approach the situation. I decided we had to tell her, so the two of us walked up and it went something like this; me: “hi I really hope this doesn’t offend you, but you have a stainnnnnnnnnnnn, a stain on you’re dress.” She was so grateful that we told her, as awkward as the conversation was, so the point is, we must have each other’s backs. If you ever see me anywhere, with a SPOT, please tell me, it’s a lady must. (In the meantime, GLAMPONS get ready to glam up your tampon coming soon to a Barneys near you.. #LOL)

The Tunes ^

On Another Note I Will Let This PERSON remain anonymous 

xxx Claire