I'm Back

-Monday June 9th, 2014 

On My Monday Mind: Get You're SH*T Together 

I stood in INA Nolita with the long metallic, drop-crotch, Phillip Lim shorts in hand, thinking of all the scenarios they would be perfect. I first imagined a chic West Village dinner with the girls, to then a downtown work meeting paired with a blazer, “god they are good,” I thought to myself. However, this is the fairytale part of my princess life, the reality part, (sitting in a shopaholics meeting), is I actually would rather eat apples and brown rice for a week IN my shorts, then have endless food money and no shorts. I’m talking about an “It Girls” life mission to stay fresh and chic, AND fed at the same time, because let’s be honest, it’s hard in a city where shopping temptation is endless, and fashion jobs are basically slave labor wages. So, I have come up with a personal plan to have what I want in both worlds. The answer: Become a #GirlBoss, seriously get this book it’s amazing, and has such relevant advice for any chica starting out . I personally skipped the beginning of life sob story, chapters 1-3, and got to the relevant part, making the mula.  

Inspo = Metallics 4 Life 

Thoughts of lounging in Morocco in the perfect pants & redefining what it means to have "nips out."