Pink Because I Can & The Further Man Mystery

-Weds June 11th, 2014

Thoughts On Boys & Girls

For most of us ladies, “Yo bitch, meet me in the stew,” sounds like a foreign language or sorts, or some offensive way of asking to meet and make soup! However, to my boyfriend, and his other male companions, this translates into, “Hey, let’s meet at the studio to work on music.” #WTF. I knew that men and woman had some serious differences, but being in what now is considered a long-term relationship, the differences become more and more clear by every passing day. It’s more than a language barrier; it’s the true fact that men and woman are wired a completely different way.

-TBC as my mind is further blown.-

White Hot Summer

Café Select, (a small downtown coffee haunt for the highly fashionable), proves to be some of the city’s best people watching on a Sunday afternoon. I make a point to go weekly and spy on woman who pass by in every runway trend thinkable, but this particular Sunday, over a double espresso and British Vogue, a woman in a full white ensemble with a matte orange lip glided by and literally blew me away. She was so fresh, effortlessly chic, and looked to be so comfortable in her oversized white pants, and matching white tee. There’s something so captivating about an outfit that both looks both functional and fashionable; that’s the ultimate goal inset it?

In the city where fashion trends arguably move faster than no other place on earth, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the endless amount of options, but two trends this summer that have proven to be eye catching for all the right reasons are full summer whites and an orange lip. Worn together or separately, they are guaranteed to turn heads for the right reasons.  

All White is a perfect trend for woman of all ages. It’s easy to mix and match the whites you already own for a fresh new look on summer dressing. For younger girls this can mean a cute pair of white cutoffs paired with a white tee, and Chuck Taylor’s, versus for a more mature woman, this could translate into a pair boyfriend jeans, and a white boat neck top. There really are no limits to this trend, and there is something truly special about seeing a woman flawlessly pull it off. Use footwear as your avenue for expression, and spice up an all white ensemble with colorful fun summer kicks.

Orange is The New Black means more these days than just being a new television sensation, it speaks to the importance of the color itself! Fashion first saw the perfect orange lip walking down the Prabaul Gurung Spring 2014 runway, and this moment literally redefined our thoughts on the color from an outlandish lip option to something totally flattering and wearable. I, along with a lot of other people, was under the impression that orange was only wearable for a very particular skin tone. After seeing all the shades that have been produced, this is a trend that literally anyone can follow and look amazing in! This summer let’s shy away from the classic red lip and redefine our views on color by picking out the perfect orange shade. Hope to see you turning heads yourself Sundays at Café Select!