Real Talk <3

-Monday May 19th, 2014 via sometime in January 

The Keeping It Real 2014 Archives 

In a city where thousands of people occupy the concrete streets, and space is limited, its easy to feel overwhelmed and caged in.  My 2013 in New York City were arguably one of the hardest years of my life. A series of growing pains taking the form of self identity, career doubt in a ruthless industry, and overall learning how to be okay when alone and just with my own thoughts. New York City has a way of reminding us, right before all hope is lost, why we all love it here so much.  This city has taught me to see beyond my self limits, and make the choice to thrive.  The city is alive, and filled with talent and energy, art, and love. It’s my favorite place of earth, and overall I’m grateful to live here in the presence of the skyscrapers, and all the strangers I pass everyday. 

Here are my 2014 resolutions, I hope that this inspires my readers to reflect honestly on their years and keep it real. 

To myself; Remember to walk around the West Village, to venture to the Highline, and see the city that surrounds you. Remember to be grateful for all the amazing opportunities this city has to offer. Remember to love yourself. Remember to see the good in people, even when their surface says otherwise. Stay true to your roots, your heart, and your mind. Continue to learn and inspire. Speak and listen. Imagine and never stop, and most of all never forget how far you have come, and remember to never be scared of how far you're going. 

To people I have yet to meet; I hope I can be guided by kindness, and a vulnerability that provokes honestly from others. I hope I can extend myself to be as genuine as possible, and inspire kindness from those I come in contact with.