Be My Robo Cop Valentine? <3

The Style | Valentines Day 

 Chanel Iman; Vogue&nbsp;

Chanel Iman; Vogue 

I would not consider myself a Valentine’s Day Person, whatever that means. I guess I would classify a Valentine’s Day person, as the same type of people that forces me to press, “don’t want to see this post” on facebook due to them and their partner sucking face on a public park benches, or anything that’s titled  “Woman Crush Weds,” or “ MCM Every Monday.” To you, whoever you are, please just stop. 

So for couples like myself, who are a bit more love low key, what is there for us on this hallmark holiday?

Last Valentine's Day I was feeling a bit more inclined to break my grinch-esque attitude, and made 11:30pm reservations at Lauduree Soho, for late tea and macaroon dessert. When I told my boyfriend what we were doing, he gave me the same reaction one would give to the person who told them they had forgotten about a teeth cleaning; shitty and inconvenient, but ultimately cant miss it. How could he not be as excited about rose flavored pink macaroons, and Marie Antoinette flavored peach tea as I was? Then I thought, well Claire, he’s not excited because he is a man, you are not in a lipstick lesbian relationship, and are forcing you’re boyfriend to prove his love by accompanying you to a midnight princess party. #TooTrue, So I canceled the reservation, and made plans to go see what was then the action movie sensation Robo Cop. The theater was full, so the two of us, large popcorn and all, sat on the floor to watch man turned super cop, fight evil.

4 After The Movie... ;)

 Agent Provocateur Available  HERE!&nbsp;

Agent Provocateur Available HERE!