May I See the Sun ?

-Thursday May 1st, 2014 

Cafe' Select 

It's May 1st and today couldn't be more perfect. The sun finally decided to come out in NYC, as I started my day at the TopShop beauty press preview. The new collection is stunning, (will be posting a beauty video with the new collection soon) it's inspired by the festival girl, so tons of glitter, and metallic eyes, paired with colorful matt nails #lyfe. After "work,"went to meet the bestie at Cafe' Select in soho, where we people watched and chatted about how stupid boys are.

I wore:

Dries dress, Icons leather, H&M booties + and afro ;)  

Side Note via. 

You Might Be A Stereotypical Fashion Girl If…

  1. You don’t know when your best friend’s birthday is, but you do know the exact date New York Fashion Week kicks off.
  2. A stylish boyfriend is a non-negotiable. Sorry you’re not sorry.
  3. You’ve googled “Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows” more times than you care to admit.


Kerrin of CatId 

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