Done Masking the Real Issues

Today I worked with an amazing makeup artist that was lucky, and more importantly talented enough, to work under Pat McGrath in Paris, for Givenchy’s spring runway show, that showcased the bejeweled tribal facemasks. There are moments in fashion when the amount of creativity displayed is literally mind blowing, and for me hearing about the 4-hour process just further solidified how truly talented and creative some in the industry really are. The precise and meticulous placement of the jewels, paired with the overall creative vision, was truly inspired.

Our on set discussion progressed further, landing on the topic of the shifting industry standards and norms. Everyone that works in fashion has his or her own experiences good or bad that have influence their ultimate opinion. Fashion has been hard to break into, and being respected isn’t something that comes easily or quickly. It’s an industry with little stability for models or makeup & hair artists, that creates and environment where people hide their tips and tricks, to maintain their coveted positions. What we all agreed on though, is the idea of a “shift in sharing”. People are sharing and collaborating more than ever these days. With YouTube tutorials readily assessable, DIY Instagram’s the norm, and magazine articles with step-by-step instructions, the environment around keeping secrets is changing. Competition is fierce in the fashion world, the way to win seems to lie in creating a persona that separates you from the thousands of other talented people fighting for your job, but being a newbie is easier than ever in the era of social media. Plus, word on the street is, Pat back stage at Givenchy, said she was impressed by the new batch of talent that assisted her, giving us hope that being talented and standing out, really does work in 2014. #backstageinspo