Hey Life, 

Yes you over there, you old chum constantly reminding me I'm in my twenties living in NYC with no real clue what the future holds. 

First thanks for that. Second, thanks for sending me to the GYNO this week. 

I’m hoping that most of my audience is female because lord jesus once you hear about the GYNO you may turn female. It’s like you know to much at that point as a man, no men will ever claim you back, you drank the juice, saw to much. Anywhooozel, today I went to the Gyno. It was cool. We went alllll the way… to my cervix! The last time I was felt up and entered with no chance of an orgasm, was the day I lost my virginity. Endless poking and prodding, no means to an end. What was memorable though, was being constantly surprised. If the GYNO were an action movie, I would have thought; well played with that scene, so many twists, great special effects!  Haven't seen the new Bond flick yet, but I think my vagina went this morning. I’m trying to be an adult, and go to the doctors on the recommended time schedule. The old, wait till I’m sick thing isn't really cute anymore, so there you have it, I went, saw, lived and learned.  Peace&Love, Claire


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