Yes, I Cut My Hair!

MARIE-Lou & D Salon

345 West Broadway New York, NY 10013

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My hair has always been a struggle. I recently realized after a few months of unsuccessfully trying to grow it out , I would have to cut it to start fresh! I was lucky enough to head to Marie-Lou & D Salon to get pampered by the awesome team. My original plan was to go completely blond, well dirty blond, for a full transformation, but after my consultation we decided it could be potentially too damaging for my hair type. My dreams of channeling Brittney had to take a momentary back seat, but what I did come away with, was amazingly heathy hair after cutting about 2 inches off. For us mixed girls especially, its really important to keep our ends trimmed and fresh to stimulate the growth process. I so recommend this salon if you are in NYC and want a complete transformation, or just want a trim like I did! My hair was cut & styled by Luiz.

Claire Leana Millar
Claire Leana Millar

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