A Minimalist Take On Summer Dressing via Acne Studios Staples & Other Season Must -Have Statement Acsessories

|...Downtown Los Angeles|

I touched down in Los Angeles last Sunday, leaving snowy NYC behind me, to explore a new city hosted by The Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles. I've been to LA a few times now, but have never stayed downtown! I can't imagine what I sounded like asking for a drop top Jeep Wrangler, so I could, "literally be the black Cher from Clueless," but I indeed got my dream car, and headed downtown to check in! The Ace was so beautiful; outside they have a small florist window, where you can have a succulent garden made for you, like the ones placed all over the hotel. The rooftop consists of two hang out spots, the pool & then a Moroccan inspired lounge with live edge tables overlooking downtown LA. After stopping at my favorite coffee spot, Alfred Coffee  on Melrose, I found this beautiful peach wall in the heart of the city! Summer dressing is probably my favorite, & for those of you who have followed LatelyIveBeen for a while, you know that white is one of my favorite colors. This Acne Studios dress is one of my most beloved articles of clothing. I call it my sheet. It's hands down one of the most comfortable pieces for summer I own, super easy to pack, and all you need to pair it with, is the perfect pair of slides & glam statement sunnies. These Furry Shearling Topshop Slides, are a bit ridiculous, (my boyfriend refers to them as my sandals with a weave hah,)  but they are insanely comfortable, and even more fun! Then for sunnies, the Dior "So Real" Sunglasses in silver!

Let's talk lips quickly! Curiosity & and inside tip form an editor friend at People Magazine gave me priority access to the Kylie Cosmetics online shop before the rest of the wold buys it out in seconds. As you all know, these are some of the hardest lip products to get, retailing for $30 a Kit, and being up sold on Ebay for about $100, depending on the color. If you really want it, Ebay is the way to go, I myself had to win this Kardashian game & refused to pay ridiculous prices for the kit.  I chose my Lip Kit in Dolce K, and I can't believe I'm saying this, I love it. It's one of the best matte formulas I have ever tried! The pencil goes on super smooth, and the lipstick dries into it's matte form in seconds, and is super long lasting; Now the only problem is getting more!

(shown below wearing Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Dolce K.)  

Peace and Love, Claire 

Claire Leana Millar in Downtown LA Wearing an Acne Studios Dress and Shearling TopShop Slides
Mantras to live by
Rooftop at The Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles
Claire Leana Millar in Downtown Hollywood Wearing Acne Studios and Topshop + Dior So Real Sunglasses
Topshop Shearling Slides
Wearing Acne Studios and TopShop Shearling Slides
Dior Silver so real sunglasses & Dolce K Lip
Jeep Wrangler in Beverly Hills with Claire Leana Millar