The $30.00 Knit Tank You Need To Own

The Style | The MUST Have Steal 

Every few seasons Zara makes something the editors & fashion it girls alike MUST have. This season it's this Zara Knit V-Neck Tank! Do buy now before it's to late! xxxC

Zara V Neck Tank and Redun Distressed Denim Jeans
Zara V-Neck Knit Tank & RE\Done Denim 

Zara V-Neck Knit Tank & RE\Done Denim 

The Air | Beliefs and ideas

"Valid during several weeks: This can be a time when you do more creative intellectual work than usual and attempt to convey your experience and view of the world to others. You will assert and defend the beliefs and ideas that you consider true and important wherever necessary. Obviously this is valuable if you have to influence other people and make an impression on them, but it can also be a danger if you try to beat people over the head with your opinions and ideas. The problem is to avoid identifying your ego with what you believe. When you identify your ego with your ideas, you really believe you are those ideas, and you will defend them as if they were literally your own body. What you can do now is put all of your energy into expanding your mind. Look for experiences that will open up new dimensions of reality."