Brixton Blues

|Leather & Lace|

It's overcast and I'm feeling nostalgic today in London. I spent the night, and part of the am, dancing to dancehall at a house party in Brixton. Culturally this place is so so inspiring.  London has so many types of people, food, secrets; It's perfect. 

I love these Saint Laurent Leather Leggings for weather like this. During the day it's been about 60 degrees, and at night it goes down to 45-50 degrees, so layering is key!  Leather and something sweet is always a romantic combo. This Topshop light blue lace top worked perfectly for the changing weather. I'm currently heading to Angel, for dinner at a small French restaurant with a British friend I met in NYC a year ago. I love how traveling inspires you to connect with all types of people or friends of friends. xxxC

Claire Leana Millar in Brixton Style Blogger SS16
Claire Leana Millar in London Wearing Saint Laurent + Topshop
 Topshop Shirt, Saint Laurent Leather Leggings, Madewell Booties 

Topshop Shirt, Saint Laurent Leather Leggings, Madewell Booties