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All signs this birthday, Sunday March 22, are pointing to creative change and letting go. I am a strong believer in energy, the stars, and karma, so when all of my outlets to finding out what those things are telling me align on one message, I take seriously thinking deeper about it. Tarot for me has been a way to gain a deeper insight into my persona and how to achieve my goals. As its irrational to take everything the deck says literally, I have gotten serious clarity and self-knowledge from the cards. Being a creative person can be challenging because you have so many ideas and goals, you risk turning into a scattered mess where nothing is accomplished. In all aspects of astrology and tarot, I’ve been warned about my creative energy, and how I need to focus my energy’s and thoughts. I wanted to share this because I think it’s an opportunity for us all to look closer at what we really want, and can succeed at, and be more honest and focused on our way to reaching the stars.


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