All In The Face

Super Skin & All You Need 

Moisture in the winter is super hard to maintain, thats a fact, but I find with a few of the right products used frequently in the right order, we can make it through to see the sun again. So here is whats on my face these days. 1, Josie Maran Argan Oil should be applied first, followed by your moisturizer to lock it in. I LOVE Embryolisse cream, and most of my model friends swear by it. Hitting your skin with a toner, (Fresh Rose Toner) after waiting 3 -5 min to apply each of the 3 steps, can further lock in moister, and calm and relax the skin. If this is to much for an am. routine, take 10 minutes in the evening and skip the ams. That 8 hours of sleep is perfect for you're skin to rejuvenate. All products available at Sephora. xxxC