Vogue & Butter Have ME In Common

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 Vogues Best Beauty Instagrams Style|Air wearing Catbird Ring Stacks #1

Vogues Best Beauty Instagrams Style|Air wearing Catbird Ring Stacks #1

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Tonight I moved the strapy lace bra off my computer screen to check my email. It’s become a habit of mine, to get home from a long day running around NYC and to fling off all my clothes and change into something large, manly, and supremely unsexy. Since my flee from modeling, I have now flung hard into carbs. I checked the calendar and realized it was a little less than a month out from NYFW15, so this was just a natural bodily response to past years of fasting. I’m pretty sure me finding out about really good butter, like the yellow Irish kind, was the worst thing that could have happened to my ass, and the best thing that could have happened to my happiness. Emily, my past co-worker from The Wild Magazine came over this money night for dinner, after eating all the Cajun shrimp and rice I cooked for us, I proceeded to have a one man bread and butter show, that may have surprised her.  I’m fine with this; I’m in control here… “I’m Claire, and I have an Irish butter problem.” “Hi, Claireeeeeeee.”

As I was contemplating how to style my white glitter tube top, my phone buzzed, with an exciting email from one of my favorite retail shops here in the city, Catbird. They informed me that one of StyleandAirs’s pictures was feature on Vogue.com this week for best beauty instagrams! I literally shouted, probably a bit too similarly to an SVU victim, because my boyfriend ran up the stairs like a bat out of hell asking me what was wrong. What was really wrong, was that I was eating an ice cream sandwich with a cold, so between the chewing, and my gravely sick man voice, he was concerned we had an intruder. “VOGUE, MADISON, VOGUE,” I shouted.