Gearing Up for NYFWss15

The Update

 ... or eating more, you take it from here.

... or eating more, you take it from here.

As I turned off my 20 min beginner’s yoga class on YouTube for the, “Kendal goes on birth control” archive episode of keeping up with the Kardashians, it truly hit me just how close we are to NYFW SS15. At this point I have faired one fashion week observing, not casting, and I have already begun to think about my past fashion weeks goals. Most young NY fashion gals I have come across are busy planning their outfits weeks prior to the spectacle, but here at Style& we consider the show season a reason to feast, binge if you will. Last fashion week, just as pastels and the oversized pink Carven coat were trending, so to were mashed potato’s and slimy diner food. I found myself ordering side after side, of buttery carbs. Menus were almost as blinding as the shoe section at Barney’s; minus the five pounds I gained. So this week, in my, post yoga -pink exercise mat- to much Kardashians daze, I wonder just what will be trending this season? ... (Other than me in maternity wear because the Isabel Marant jeans I was planning on wearing shall I say, are not very forgiving.) <3

 It was my birthday.&nbsp;

It was my birthday. 

"Preparing for NYFWss15 over here at Style&Air! We will be back next week with party, show, and street-style coverage ! Can't wait!"  

xxx C