Men Make Us feel Weird

-Monday July 7th, 2014 

A fashion girls mission to look like she doesn’t care proves to take a lot more caring than one ever expected. The male race has made it literally uncomfortable for me to wear anything that touches my body, so, I have become custom to dressing like a homeless man, well a rich one.  I’m currently living in Isabel Marant black harem pants, an A Wang leather bralett, and a Helmet Lang over sized tee. I look like the Grim Reaper walking in Soho, everyday. I was with an Italian friend over the weekend that works for Pucci in Italy, she commented that woman in NYC dress for other woman, not at all for men. Its true! I never walk into Barney's swooning over the drop-crotch Lim shorts thinking how many men will holla in these babies, I think, how many fashion bitches I’m about to make jealous at the Jeremy Scott after party. The point is, this don’t care dressing thing that NYC chicas have going on in my opinion stems from how uncomfortable male attention makes us. Lets be honest you get more shit done man repelling than booty popping. 


Claire Leana Millar

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