Woman Leading Change


Fighting frizzy hair is not usually accompanied with combating the lack of education in the poorest sub-Saharan African regions, unless you are Lotte and John Davis of AG| hair. The couple has been making hair products together since 1989, starting in Vancouver filling bottles of products together by hand. The business has since taken off, enabling Lotte to fund this truly amazing woman’s school building project, Woman Leading Change.

 I met Lotte Davis last week atop the Nomad Hotel for an intimate press breakfast. She explained over locks and fresh fruit, how growing up in South Africa during the Apartheid shaped her beliefs on racism, woman’s education, and sexism in the region, thus provoking her desire for changing the status quo. AG|hair is a brand dedicated to giving back in big ways with 13% of the brands proceeds on every product going directly to Woman Leading Change. PETA approved and using natural ingredients, my AG|hair product summer obsession is the Smoothing Balm with Argan oil. Use it this summer to beat the NY heat or take on a beachy getaway, it makes for the perfect hair companion for summer 2014. 

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