Sultry Summer

-Tuesday June 24th, 2014 

The Chanel Espadrilles

^Note the scuffs of character.

Perfect Summer Creation. Frozen berries, Seltzer water, ice, and lemon. PERFECTION 

My Vintage Luggage 

Moms wildflowers 

 Clothes need settings to be special and settings need outfits to be remembered. Whenever I buy something new, I make up a story of where I see myself wearing the piece, this time the story happened to be more perfect than anything I could have imagined.

 It was Sunday night in Gloucester Massachusetts, the sunset was perfect, and the ocean breeze made it easy to be grateful. I was wearing Madewell overalls, a J. Crew Sailor top, and the item of desire, (the sold out everywhere), black and white canvas Chanel espadrilles. I’m not sure I had a story for these babies yet; they were so special their showcase had to be perfect. When I got dressed that night I thought to myself “f*ck It, I’ll wear them here, and then set up an occasion in NYC to break them out for real.” The Madfish is a bar located literally on top of the water in a small bay, and on Sunday nights they have a live Reggae band.  A newly minted PR Agent, a physicist, a vet tech, and myself, made our way to the summer hangout. I am nothing like my best friends at all, and that is why we have all been friends for twenty plus years. They get me in ways nobody in NYC would even be able to start, and it’s so refreshing to talk about things that don’t involve the small social circle that is fashion and PR in NYC. We got to the bar, had a few tequila shots, and danced with the lifeguards that used to be cute when we were 16, (they were never cute, it’s a small town, EW), and literally had the most amazing night on the water, in the best of company. I had a moment on the dance floor when I looked down and the tip of my shoe was scuffed from the spinning and dipping, and I thought to myself “that’s what Chanel is for, to be worn and loved.” Every time now I look down at my shoes I can’t help but smile, they symbolize the perfect summer night.

Xxx Claire