-Thursday May 8th, 2014 

That Happened 


My Child 

My friend just recently got married and is pregnant. My favorite part of the whole thing started with this text message “Hey, I’m engaged, how are you?” Um what! That is not a real question, I just did my laundry while you decided to spend the rest of your life with someone, not at all comparable. I guess since she already told me a week prior she was child baring, this wasn’t even a shocker. I texted her a few days after trying to see if there was any level we could possibly connect on at this point, so I naturally started the conversation with the ever popular, “Hey, what’s up?” Open-ended, simple, I was not expecting yet again another response that blew my mind, “Honeymoon, and can’t talk!” LIKE WHAT! At this point I still had the stupid Pyrus congrats on engagement card with his and her towels on the cover in my bag, that I was planning on sending after work. She got pregnant, engaged, and married faster than I can send a congrats card! I’m still in the process of deciding whom this fact says more about, her or me. Last night my three best friends and I all meet post gym, smelly and looking like convicts, and discussed boys, marriage, and babies. I think my favorite quote of the night was probably, “ I can’t think of anything more revolting than something growing inside of Me,” #truuuuuuuu. The overall realization was were more shoe lovers than baby holders, more Berkin carriers than stroller pushers, and defiantly more small Kate Moss fashion tits than nursing bras. Everyone’s reality is different but for now mine includes traveling not potty training. 


Changing the Subject to a Happier Note: Inspire Now; What I'm Into 

#1: Fav Shots from Elle UK June 2014
Photographer: Enrique Badulescu
Styling: Anne-Marie Curtis
Model: Lais Ribeiro

#2. @Studded Hearts on Insta 

Reminding us life is beautiful ...

#3:  New Carven 

I thought the pink coat was the pinnacle of perfection, until...