Calculating Ones Spirit Animal

-Friday Aug 1st, 2014 

Le Choices ...

A Spirit animal, an odd term indeed, but in this case let’s describe it as; name the people in life who if they had a baby you would want to be. Follow me? I have here one personal combo I’m into.  We first start off here with Arizona Muse and Feja Beha. FIRST, who in life has names like that, second who in life has names like that and is hot lesbian supermodels couple, Third (more of a statement), they were… (Literally in tears about the WERE part of that) EVERYTHING.  We move on secondly to Cher of Clueless, simply because “duh, it’s a dress.” Third I have Lady Obama, her arms are nice and she seems like a badass bi*ch with arguably historically the best-looking president husband. So mix it all up in an imaginary people baby blender and there … is my spirit animal. #Combo1