Babes & Bikinis

-Thursday May 29th, 2014 

Confessions and Lessons 

Puerto Rico 

Last night I consumed half a pound of fresh mozzarella cheese. I know it was half a pound because I ordered it from my favorite late night deli around midnight. I think the only thing that could make this sadder is if I was alone, I mean I ate the whole thing alone, but I had friends over, so it wasn’t some bizarre solo depression behavior… (Waits for someone to reassure me about my sad moment.) As I was eating, I thought to myself, bikini season is right around the corner… It was a fleeting thought, and then naturally I finished the whole thing. Writing about it now honestly is making me want more, the point is, it actually is about to be bikini season, pause for the who gives a f*ck, but the truth is we all do, sooooooo lets talk about being healthy and getting in shape.

Tracy Workout Grind 

A lot of people ask me what my fitness routine and eating habits are like. When I’m not solo eating in bed on a weds night, I try to maintain strict eating habits. It’s more for my body and how I feel being healthy than vanity. I’ve always had trouble with my stomach so it’s super important for me to eat clean.


Tracy Anderson keeps my ass tight. No but seriously. I am probably the number one Tracy Anderson method fan there is. According to her, (and every other agent in the world) I am a hip centric person. I got the DVDs, and if I’m being crazy and trying to see results fast, I do it twice a day, twenty min leg lift sessions, paired with twenty mins of cardio. Tracy really works, and I recommend it to anyone trying to tone. On top of Tracy, I go to SoulCycle on 19th street 2-3 times a week. One because it really is an amazing workout, and two because of the high likelihood one of the hot teachers will touch my resistance.


Staying fit and getting in shape is really 80% food, 20% exercise. I stay away from anything processed and have never eaten red meat in my life. My mother is in health care, and red meat was never an option growing up. Side note; yes it felt weird throwing the real hot dogs in the bushes behind my friends backs at the school BBQ and replacing them with the tofu dogs in my backpack as a fifth grader. UM…anyways my diet is something like this:

 The Diet


Green kale juice + oatmeal,

Low fat yogurt with berries and granola


Salad with veggies and some type of protein


Steamed veggies and steamed fish or

Salad with grilled chicken

*Give or take eating in bed, eating tacos, eating Mac and cheese when moral is low, and cravings are high.

Advice: Picking the right swimwear you have to invest!!! Here are my fav pics:

Lisa Marie Fernandez at always kills it by the pool