Have You Found You're Soul; I Have

There’s a lot going on in my life, firstly, I had an allergic reaction to a sauna that has made my eyes and face red, puffy, and dragon like. I tried to make the fact that I looked like I got beaten chic, it’s just not.  The Second HUGE life development is, I joined a cult. No, I’m not a Moony; I’m a proud SoulCycle convert. I may be a tad late on the fads hype, but I could care less. This is hands down the most satisfying workout I have ever done. My best friend and I, (over wine), decided we were “too fat to continue living like this”, and signed up. It was incredibly dramatic, impulsive, outright annoying to anyone around us hear us say, “hashtag skinny.” It's one of those, -if we weren’t us we would hate us-, situations. However, I feel amazing. My co-workers horror stories of being bruised from the bike, falling off, blah, blah, proves they are complete wimps. If you want to live an average life, stay at an average gym, with other average people. I will be that asshole wearing nothing at all on the beach, but nothing will be jiggling either! You can find me, 3 days a week, at SoulCycle on 19th. Don’t say hi, I’m in my zone. #funny ?