Food 4 Thought

-Tuesday, April 29th,2014 

Fashion/Morality; Staying Exclusive & The Image of Common Unattainable Luxury 

Vogue Italia 

I’m actually really fascinated by the thin obsession in the fashion world. Having attended most of the NYFW FW 14 shows this season, it was very apparent that being thin is still “trending,” but why? I’m currently in the midst of thinking about fashion and the exclusivity factor that is so important to luxury brands. So important, that Hermes’ and Chanel actually burn left over collection pieces as to prevent trickle down to lower end discount department stores where “common” people could pick them up. I think the words common and basic play directly into the exclusivity factor that drives the “thinspo” craze that fashion needs to survive. Luxury brands are like a bad grass is greener boyfriend. If you saw everyone in Chanel, would you still want it? Nope, on to the next! If everyone were skinny would it still be special or coveted? Is being bigger too common to be exclusive and in turn rejected by fashion as being something to normal to be luxurious? A little food for thought, still deterring where race fits into this equation xxx