Sundays Sentiments

-Monday April 28th, 2014 

There’s this extreme feeling of gratitude that washes over me on a particular New York Street as I walk the same sentimental Sunday walk I do weekly, and look forward to immensely. It’s an internal beat, a mental clarity, which comes when the city is calm and forgiving. This walk almost seems like a salutation of youth, a bizarre mixture of joy and humility, with a twenty- year- old fear of the future. This Sunday’s Sentiments are about succumbing to the youthful discomfort change brings, learning to embrace joyful moments for just what they are, and living fully present in the experiences that will one day become the coveted memories we re-tell in our elder years.

Vogue Spain May 2014
Photographer: Miguel Reverigo
Stylist: Belen Antolin
Model: Adriana Lima

Beauty Buy 

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Spring Nail Aspirations 

SUMMER INSPO = Adriana Lima for Vogue Spain (2 Keep Things Spicy)