-Monday April 28th,2014 

For anyone that knows me well, you would know I ‘m more of a boyfriend jeans crop tee kinda gal. Naturally, when the #MyCalvins add campaign came out recently; a brilliant scheme of releasing CK One reminiscent underwear to only celebs and bloggers to post on their social media outlets of selfies in their underwear, I was hooked. My news feed was flooded with image after image of baggy boyfriend denim, with peeping Calvin boxers, it was a tomboy’s wet dream. The Sports bra accentuated every fashion girl’s AA man chest in THE BEST way; I had to buy these, NOW. Ready for the catch? Calvin Kline made it virtually impossible to get your hands on a set, until NOW. Check out my fav pics from the #MyCalvins campaign and grab your pair here! Stay tuned for MY #MyCalvins Pic ;)