Jerry Paper, The Melancholy Synth Master

Lucas Nathan, the self-described host body of musician Jerry Paper, channels his host to produce otherworldly, often melancholy synth music. One might think that overusing pitch shifters in songs about lost love and an elusive sense of self would be unsettling, damn near approaching disturbing. Mr. Paper proves otherwise. His technique shapes the sounds of lethargic waves that seduce the listener into a contemplative, tropical mood where loneliness feels familiar, tepid, even right. He is a pop-star for weirdos, or possibly vice versa. The colorful persona and uniquely crafted synthesized noises tend to mask pervasive, lyrically thematic connections to the strongest human desires: wanting to have control of your emotions, wanting to feel wanted, and wanting things to have meaning. Then again, that may be the entire point of Jerry Paper, International Man of Misery.

Upcoming shows include a March 12th performance at Death By Audio and a March 25th performance at Silent Barn.