Fashion Fabulosity; Is It THAT Serious?

“And now, I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.”
― Lady Gaga

I found myself laughing a lot during fashion week. Not because the clothes were funny (well, some were), but more because everybody else was so damn serious. How can you be serious in colorfully died furs and circus glasses, watching sticks strut down runways? Fashion for most that attend the shows is an art form. The display of wearable garments as artistic constructions  of structure, fabric, color that, in their essence, are used to clothe us in beautiful ways. It can be an outlet for silent self-expression...I get it, I really I do. My question is can we all just laugh a little more? It's really not thatttttt serious. So here are a few things I thought were a tad comical in all their fabulosity xxx