Jesus, Is That You? Holiday Gift Giving 4 Commoners

The Air

 THIS, is what being festive looks like. NIPS and Lights. 

THIS, is what being festive looks like. NIPS and Lights. 

 How Could Anyone Say No to This ?

How Could Anyone Say No to This ?

It’s almost surreal how quickly the holiDAZE go from Thanksgiving to Christmas, from stuffing our faces to now needing to scramble and find gifts for everyone you like, and some people you don’t’. Over this last holiday weekend, I was watching Saturday Night Live, and Chris Rock made it all very clear. It is a bit, well, selfish, making Jesus’s birthday a gift giving occasion for us commoners, for those of us who are not Jesus, so, EVERYONE. For all of you who know me, and for those of you who don’t, I am spiritual, not religious, (queue snickering or general bullshit- o- meter), but seriously churches scare me, and I don’t like cults. I like to think of myself as a powerful being full of energy and light, and I pray about that sometimes, (either that or its exact bumper sticker we had on the Subaru growing up, that we found at the local health food store where we went to buy granola and other hippie essentials ;0). We have since graduated to British engineering, (thank god), but the mint green Subaru holds a special place in my soul maybe even as a messiah.  So looking into this Christmas to come, let’s talk gifts

The Style | It Girls It List

On a serious note, it is really hard shopping for people. So I thought about gifts or things I have that I love and use everyday, to better help! Heres a list of my favorite items that a girl like me would be happy to see under the tree! xxx C 

#1. The Bag of a Lifetime; Proenza PS1

Proenza PS1

#2. Instax 90 Instant Camera 

#3. CatBird Stacked Ring Hand 

#5. Her Very Own Tarot Deck 

#7. Subscription to PORTER 

#9. Franks Coffee Scrub 

#4. Gypsy Water 

#6. A Vespa (because well DUH.)

#8. Charlotte Olympia Kitty Slippers 

#10!!! Laduree Lunch Date