Angel Olsen - Rosy Cheeked Beauty & A Voice That Kills

There’s something to be said for rosy cheeked midwestern girls with beautiful voices, and that something is “I want you all to myself”. In spite of this, I feel the need to share Angel Olsen’s music. An extraordinary level of vocal sincerity exists in her vibrato, voice cracking dance with being out of control, as she simultaneously and unfalteringly maintains a Patsy Cline-esque grip on such folk intonations. Her lyrics are rife with issues of love, yet somehow she avoids banality by displaying her own self awareness and sense of agency in the situations each song conveys. When she sings it’s as if she’s beelining it, through corniness on one side and cynicism on the other, to a tranquil home on the range she has built for herself. It’s not that she’s shattered my boyish crush, but anyone who can convincingly sing the lyrics “I am life” probably knows a bit more about life than me, which is intimidating. To my NY people, I strongly recommend seeing her on February 20th at Le Poisson Rouge. I’ll be there. Just look for the guy with roses in his hand, anxiety in his heart, and a book on convincing people to move away from the midwest because unfortunately it will never be a fun place. No. Not even with Chicago on its side.

◎ Chandler ◎