Minimal Street Style Looks , Kate Moss
Minimal Street Style Looks , Kate Moss

In a frantic clutter-attack today, I decided to get rid of everything in my closet I did not love enough to hang on my wall and look at forever. I don't actually plan on displaying my coveted clothes on my studio walls, however I am passionate about buying less and loving what I own. In practicing what I preach, today happened.  Buffalo Exchange on 26th street in Chelsea was ecstatic, and I'm sure anyone else who comes and sifts through the racks will be just as excited to see half of my life there. In all seriousness, it's a tad bittersweet, the empty hangers are a bit nostalgic, but I'm not sure I needed a studded camo LF sweater, or the teal patent Victor&Rolf flats I bought at Barney's when I was 14. Looking into my almost bare closet today I laughed to myself, thinking I'm now going to be a little more French. What I mean by that, is having fewer things of nicer quality, non-trendy, classic pieces. After selling all my clothes, I replaced the old with a few new timeless pieces that speak to this new classic minimal chic vibe I'm trying to achieve from my closet. Overall what I'm sayin' is; sell stuff you don't wear, buy things you love, and remember minimalism. xxx

My Replacement Pieces:

Outfit  Street Style Minimal Looks
Outfit Street Style Minimal Looks